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Registered users of IDBE RibbonCreator 2010 can get free support for IDBE RibbonCreator 2010.

Before you contact us, please make sure ...


  1. You are using the latest version of RibbonCreator 2010.
  2. You have checked whether your question is listed already as FAQ .
  3. The problem can be reproduced.
    (Try to reproduce by exporting the Ribbon to a new Word document, Access database etc., and see whether it occurs there, too.)
  4. The problem is related to RibbonCreator 2010.
    Free Support is limited to usage of RibbonCreator 2010 exclusively.
    General questions about Ribbons cannot be answered free of charge. Please use the forums and newsgroups listed below.


 Email to RibbonCreator 2010 - Support (Only in English or German)

Be sure to use the email address you have used for registration of RibbonCreator 2010 or mention the registered email address in your support request.
You can find it in RibbonCreator 2010 ("File" - Tab / Button "Options" / "License" ).

Only support requests with valid Email address will be processed!

Please understand that free support by mail or phone cannot be guaranteed.

Free support for general Ribbons questions you can get on, Newsgroups or Forums (Microsoft Answers, MSDN or UtterAccess



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